Basic Simplicity Theme Header Height Tip

Posted December 11th, 2009 by Michael Janzen and filed in Tips

I got an email from Jason about how to edit the header height in my WordPress theme, Basic Simplicity.  I tired to reply but Jason’s email address was wrong so I thought I’d answer he question here since it could help other people control the look and feel of Basic Simplicity.

Here’s his question:

My question:  I’m trying to use my own header file but want the picture to be bigger.  I’ve rifled through the edit pages to see if I can change this but can’t find it.

Example:  Your comment says optimal size is 1000 x 140 and I want it to be 1000 x 300.  When I plug in my header picture it cuts off and remains 140.

Can you give me any tips?

The header height is actually not defined anywhere. The 140px I suggest on the admin screen is just a rough height for an image that would most likely fill the background of the header. The height is auto defined by the text that’s there. The image is a background image and is auto-positioned left and middle vertically.

To control the header height you could add this bit of custom code to your Custom CSS field on the admin form. Adjust the height with the pixel amount. The example is 80px.

height:auto !important;

Jason… I hope this helps!

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