Don’t waste your time posting link baits

Posted April 14th, 2010 by Michael Janzen and filed in Blogging

I run several blogs and field a lot of good comments. But I also see some spam that slips past Askimet, the WordPress plugin that automatically blocks spam comments. If you’re considering using this black hat technique to help drive traffic to your website stop now, you’re wasting your time.

Posting comments is quite likely the worst way to drive traffic to your site but when you do be sure to write relevant and thoughtful comments. If you don’t you comment will likely be considered spam and deleted.

Here’s a comment I got earlier today on a post I wrote about stopping sloggers. The spammers seem attracted to this post. Ironic huh?

All I have to do is click the “Spam it” link and they get added to the spammer list, reducing everyone’s headache.

Most of these comments are structured similarly and compliment you on the good job you’re doing and/or promise to bookmark your site. They almost always contain an imbedded link. I highly recommend not following their links because they may visit a site that is hosting spyware. Instead just mark them as spam and move on.

In case you’re wondering… so how do I drive traffic? The best and shortest answer is that if you post quality content and connect with other bloggers you will find that real traffic will come. You also have to be consistent and persistent of course.

Update April 15, 2010 – Two more spam comment examples from the same person/robot on two of my blogs one after another. Notice the same kind of empty compliment and that they say nothing about the post. If a real human (not a bot) is posting these they are wasting a huge amount of time and energy. It would be so much more productive to write new content about their website’s topic.

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